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Don't just take our word for it, check out the testimonials from previous clients here.

"I wasn't intending on doing any antenatal classes for my second baby (because most can be so stale and quite frankly boring) but I couldn't be more glad that I did the Empwr classes. Arlene and Lou are both incredible foundations of knowledge and they have clearly both studied and worked really hard to gain such a comprehensive library of information and resources on all things pregnancy and babies. As well as being hugely informative, the classes were also incredibly 'human', honest and practical. We also met some super cool people. So a win all around.


"Really awesome classes, Lou and Arlene are great teachers that immediately put the class at ease. Also super funny ay they're pretty crack up.


"Our midwife felt more like part of our whanau by the time we had completed our journey. We could not have felt more considered or supported.

LMC Client

"If you are looking for an unbiased informative antenatal class preparing you for parenthood in the best possible way, then don’t look any further! Arlene & Lou are incredibly knowledgeable and use latest studies & research. They run the classes in a very lovely way and always create a safe space for all sorts of questions & discussions. Highly recommend it!!


"We feel so fortunate that we stumbled upon this incredible antenatal course! The practitioners, Lou and Arlene, were so supportive, knowledgeable, experienced, up to date and genuine in their investment for an informed and fair birthing experience for all. We really loved attending and looked forward to our class each week (we are honestly still a bit sad they're over to be quite honest). The classes had such a lovely, warm, welcoming, safe, (at times hilarious), positive vibe. We particularly appreciated the session on breast/chest feeding, as it was something we've been really anxious about from the get go. We left feeling like we had a much better idea of our options and what choices we can make once the baby arrives! We owe a massive thank you to Arlene and Lou for their passion, dedication and energy. I've recommended the course to every pregnant person I know, I basically think it's the bee's knees when it comes to an antenatal class, you seriously can't go wrong!


"There was a moment in the delivery room where there were a handful of other medical personnel around. At all times Arlene made us feel comfortable and made me feel as though she was in control of what was going on. Relationships were extremely respectful and professional throughout.

LMC Client

"Very happy with our choice to do antenatal class with Lou and Arlene. Logical, evidence-based and unbiased but also always entertaining and engaging. Questions are always welcome and answers are always thorough. Highly recommended.


"Arlene went above and beyond to ensure that we (my partner and I) felt strongly included and “in control” as much as possible.

LMC Client

"Arlene gave us so much time and never once made us feel rushed or not her main focus. With a history of sexual assault, Arlene could not have been more sensitive and accommodating to my worries and concerns. This were supported and acknowledge through all stages of our journey!

LMC Client

"If you're an expected parent - this is the class you need.
Lou and Arlene are so informative and engaging. They are so inclusive and cover all aspects of newborn parenting - this is not just for the birthing parent.
This is not a regular antenatal class, this is a cool antenatal class.


"Arlene visited my home frequently. At each visit she was generous with her time, opening up the space to talk about any issue. Arlene also answered a few text messages from me about an issue I was concerned about, which I appreciated.

LMC Client

"Really good structured content that felt like it touched on everything as well as being relaxed and fun. Sophie took this round of classes and is an amazing teacher with great energy, we learnt so much and all the content and little tips were so well articulated. Thanks!


"Arlene goes above and beyond to ensure that we had the care we needed. She also answered our calls when she was able to / returned our calls - was always within reach. She never lost composure, even when we were calling at 1am in the morning during our contractions! She is extremely knowledgeable in the Rainbow space and her attitude and teachings / coaching would serve well amongst other medical professionals / midwives.

LMC Client

"Arlene is the epitome of sensitivity and empathy. She was so respectful of our birth preferences and informed us of everything we needed to know

LMC Client

"Could not be recommend this class enough! We had such a great teacher and met some awesome people. Feeling very prepared for birth.


"Arlene collected evidence and followed up by email on multiple occasions, to help me make informed choices."

LMC Client

"Arlene and Lou complement each other so well in their teaching styles. They provided a safe, fun environment where no questions were off-limits and always had excellent rationale for their advice. The sessions were really informative and provided excellent, balanced information to enable informed decision-making around all aspects of birthing. Highly recommend! Also met a lovely community of soon-to-be parents who we are keeping in touch with.


"Arlene and Lou (of EMPWR: Antenatal Classes) were fantastic in helping us prepare for the birth of our little one. Everything was informative and well planned, as well as fun. It also felt like a very safe place to ask all kinds of questions! Thanks guys! :)


"Arlene is absolutely amazing and totally a lifesaver. She could not have been any better in supporting us. Give her more money, she is worth it!

LMC Client

"This was a highly informative class. Lou and Arlene covered all the basics of a traditional antenatal class as well as many other topics that wouldn't normally be covered. They were extremely responsive and spent a long time answering questions and tailoring the classes to our specific needs and requests.
One does not have to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community to benefit from this class, as it was designed to be open to all parenting styles. We also enjoyed Lou's extreme commitment to science based advice and the many studies they seemed to be able to quote on the spot.


"This antenatal class was fantastic! If you'd like to receive information on all relevant birthing & parenting topics based on the latest research available and enjoy a non-judgmental and informal environment, I highly recommend attending this class. Arlene & Lou really know their stuff and answered all of our questions. Thanks both for a great time! Location and snacks provided were awesome too.


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