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a line drawing of a pregnant person standing next to a bed, with their arms leaning over the bed. they are naked and have belts around their tummy holding on a CTG. the person is of afro-caribbean descent

Haere mai to the client only resources for anyone taking part in antenatal classes or anyone being cared for by EMPWR during their pregnancy. You'll find a huge amount of extra information, videos, links to resources, downloads, birth centre tours and more here.

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a woman kissing the belly of their pregnant wife



Pregnancy can be a wild time, so check out all of these videos to help you navigate your pregnancy.

a new family, two white women holding their newborn wearing a white romper, they are both smiling at him

Fourth Trimester

Car seat safety, safe sleeping, smokefree homes and attachment theory

a woman kissing the top of her wife's head whilst she is in labour in the birthing pool at home with fairy lights on

Place of Birth

Virtual tours of Birthcare and Auckland Hospital, how to choose your place of birth

a new mother being handed her fresh newborn baby for skin to skin by a midwife wearing a black/white striped top wearing a mask and gloves

Labour & Birth

Learn some handy tricks, access extra resources and videos about the process of labour, dilation, hypnobirthing and more

a baby standing up wearing traditional maori pounamu and korowai

Feeding your baby

Formula feeding, breast/chest feeding, sterilisation, donor milk and rhythmic movements to support latch and feeding 

a child looking at an ipad, waving whilst lying on her stomach on the floor

Social Media Accounts

Social media can be a great way to absorb information and learn, but only from trusted sources. Not everything you see/read online is positive. So check out these great accounts to follow

a woman kneeling between someone's legs wearing a facemask and a head torch, suturing a perineum after childbirth

Postpartum Healing

Regardless of how you birthed, it will take some time for your body to heal. Info about caesarean scar massage and perineal stitches 

two women stood looking in a mirror, the woman in front is being held around the belly by her pregnant wife stood behind her.

Mental Health

Becoming a parent is a huge life changing event and it isn't always easy being a caregiver for a newborn. All parents, regardeless of if you gave birth or not, can experience mental health distress 

Your Pregnancy Guide
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and access the

EMPWRed Birth

Written and collated by a Registered Midwife, this pregnancy resource covers everything from common symptoms in pregnancy, the stages of labour and birth and what to expect postnatally. Download your resource, check out the videos, articles, links, instagram pages and facebook groups.

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