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EMPWR are curating a book

Inspired by the many zines, birth stories and positive birth movements, EMPWR is curating an anthology of positive stories from the rainbow community. This book will be coffee-table worthy, featuring art work, photos and stories to celebrate all that it means to be a rainbow parent. The complex discussions, nuances, time consuming, and often eye watering amount of money that goes into building and growing a rainbow family, when not all the necessary ingredients are readily at hand.


Bathed in love, sensitivity and unique stories from those around the globe and those who identify as being part of the LGBTTQIA+ community, this book will embody all of the queer representation that any gender diverse, non-binary and queer parents need to feel seen within birth and parenting. Not only will this embody all that is rainbow love, but it will inspire those in the next generation, that it is possible to have a loving, affirming family if you're participating in co-parenting, ethical non-monogamy, surrogacy or anything in between. Then this is the book for you.


Modern day rainbow parenting deserves representation and we hope that this book will contribute towards a positive narrative of modern day queer love stories. 

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As koha for your time and emotional energy, you will receive a free photoshoot  with queer, disabled photographer Becki Moss. See her work here.

* photo shoot only eligible to those living in New Zealand

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