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About the Book

We are collecting and curating empowering, positive stories of your journey to conception, parenthood, pregnancy, birth and everything in between. The rainbow community deserves and needs more representation of the dedication and journey it takes to having a family. It is our intention to publish these positive stories in a book alongside photos of LGBTTQIA+ whānau. You can be totally anonymous or bombard us with gorgeous photos, however you wish.

As koha for your submission, you will receive a voucher for a photoshoot* of your whānau, free of charge, with no obligation to submit your photos to us.

As always, there is not enough representation of queer and rainbow whānau in the world. We are valid. We are enough. We deserve a fancy coffee table book that showcases positive whānau in the LGBTTQIA+ community.

  • The details...
    EMPWR's antenatal classes are an inclusive, holistic, 6 week birth and parenting course with an additional postnatal meet up after your baby is born. Grounded in reproductive justice, we believe that every parent has the right to autonomy and self determination in their pregnancy, birth and parenting experience. Regardless of whether you're planning an undisturbed home birth, an elective caesarean, a hospital birth with an epidural or anything in between; we aim to provide you with the tools you need to navigate your experience in a way that feels empowering, positive and unique to you. ​ There is no right way to grow, birth, parent or feed a baby. ​ These antenatal classes are gentle, compassionate and kind. They aren't what you might expect. You will not be bored to tears with endless powerpoint presentations or made to feel that your question is silly. We aim to provide you with the information you want to know and the questions that you want answered and if that means we go off on a tangent, then so be it. Guided by you, with you at the centre of what we teach and discuss, this 6 week antenatal class will be your guide to an empowered birth. ​ By providing you with evidence based information, guiding you through exploration of your values and helping you develop your informed decision making skills; you will be able to apply these skills to your journey into and throughout parenthood.
  • What do the classes cover?
    Topics include:: Informed decision making: the consumer - care provider relationship and navigating deviations from your plan Signs and stages of labor: when to call your midwife, how to cope in labour and practical tips for distraction The role of support people: how you can assist the birthing person Coping with discomfort: medical and non-medical techniques, including guidance from an acupuncturist and masseuse Positive caesarean birth: and tools for recovery Feeding your baby: including inducing lactation, co-feeding, donor milk and formula feeding The basics of caring for your baby: swaddling, settling techniques, nappy changing and more Becoming a parent: the transition to parenting, including your postpartum recovery
  • Who are these classes for?
    Everyone! Our antenatal classes are inclusive of all families and all bodies, we are HAES practitioners, inclusive of LGBTQIA+ whānau, polyamorous communities, solo parents, disabled parents, sex workers and those who need NZSL interpretation. We also have subsidised options for low-income families. Whilst we are celebratory of LGBTQIA+ whānau, anyone is welcome to attend, you don't have to be part of the rainbow community to access evidence based childbirth education grounded in reproductive justice.
  • When should I start antenatal classes?
    Ideally, you would start your antenatal classes in your second trimester, so from 28 weeks onwards. This means that there's enough time to consolidate your learning and put it into practice before having your baby and you won't have finished your classes too far in advance and have forgotten everything! If you're not sure which class date is best for you, send us an email and we are more than happy to help you.
  • Where are the classes?
    All classes are in person in central Auckland, at The Village NZ
  • What about my partner?
    The cost of your class is for one family unit; so that includes your partner(s) or a support person(s)!
  • Do you have subsidised classes?
    YES!! EMPWR are passionate about ensuring everyone, regardless of financial barriers are able to access safe, rainbow celebratory antenatal education. Please email us if you need financial assistance and we can come up with an option that suits your whānau! We also have afterpay to help spread the cost as well.

Questions? Want more information?

Please email us!

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