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About the Book

We are collecting and curating empowering, positive stories of your journey to conception, parenthood, pregnancy, birth and everything in between. The rainbow community deserves and needs more representation of the dedication and journey it takes to having a family. It is our intention to publish these positive stories in a book alongside photos of LGBTTQIA+ whānau. You can be totally anonymous or bombard us with gorgeous photos, however you wish.

As koha for your submission, you will receive a voucher for a photoshoot* of your whānau, free of charge, with no obligation to submit your photos to us.

As always, there is not enough representation of queer and rainbow whānau in the world. We are valid. We are enough. We deserve a fancy coffee table book that showcases positive whānau in the LGBTTQIA+ community.

Questions? Want more information?

Please email us!

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